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The Playbox Apk app has become very much popular and user-friendly app nowadays. The Playbox HD Apk app is a video streaming app designed for the android. You can watch free movies and tv shows directly on your smartphone. This app is best for those who are crazy about movies and tv series and love to watch films at any time and any place. If anyone is a movie lover then this streaming app “playbox HD apk” is for them. The app is having a great database collection of movies and tv series including all of the latest release. Playbox hd is easy, you just required a smartphone with a properly working internet connection with a good internet speed.

This app is specifically designed for the android but you can also download playbox for pc, windows, and ios. This app was mainly made for movie lovers who really feel the absence of watching the movie in their free time. The motive of this app is to entertain its users and to bring the movie fever back and let them enjoy their free time. The most interesting thing about this app is that you can install it at free of cost. You can watch out your favorite shows and different things at free of cost. You can download this app at totally free. This has become too much loveable by people. It is quite user-friendly anyone can use it easily at any time they want to. The users only required to have one thing that is a proper internet connection on their phone. Playbox supports android based devices such as Blackberry 10(Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30, passport, classic and more) ouya, amazon kindle fire(1st Gen, HD, HDX) amazon fire phone and amazon fire tv.

FEATURES Playbox Apk

  • Playbox HD delivers your movies and videos of the best quality. It can make you happy with the playlist because the playlist contains a huge range of movies and videos in high definition quality.
  • Playbox hd will give you constant updates to keep you updates.
  • It also gives you the freedom to choose the video quality as per your internet speed. And the movies and videos quality is available up to 720p.
  • Playbox hd apk app will give you the fastest streaming speed.
  • Playbox hd comes with kid mode in which kid can also enjoy their favorite shows on playbox hd app.
  • Once you have downloaded video from playbox hd then you can watch that videos and movies offline without any internet connection.
  • Play box hd is freely available so you don’t need to pay any amount for accessing its services and you can enjoy it at free of cost.
  • Playbox hd supports chromecast so you can watch the videos and movies on a larger screen.

DOWNLOAD Playbox Apk

  • Download the latest playbox.apk file here to sideload the app to your android and android based device.


  • Go to ‘settings’> ‘App manager’>’Install programs’> turn on ‘allow apps from other sources to be installed.
  • Download and install the playbox.apk file.


  • Go to ‘make’>software’>’browser’ and download the .apk file.
  • Exit the browser and hit ‘o’.
  • Go to’manage’>’system’.’andriod’>’storage’>’download’ and open the .apk to install playbox.


  • Enable apps from unknown sources. For the kindle fire or kindle fire hd, go to ‘settings’>’devices’>enable ‘allow installation of applications’ for kindle fire hdx, go to ‘settings’>’applications’>. Enable ‘app from unknown sources’.
  • Download the .apk file and install.


  • Go to ‘settings’>’applications and parental control’>’allow non- amazon app installation’>enable ‘App Installation.
    Download and install the .apk file.


  • Go to ‘settings’>’system’>’Developer Option’> enable ‘ADB debugging’
  • Download ADB fire and the.apk file to your computer.
  • Run ADB fire, type in the fire tv’s Ip address and press connect. The Ip address can be found in ‘settings’>system’>’about’>’network’.
  • Press ‘Install APK’ and install the .APK file playbox will alert you to update the app, simply press cancel.

Download Playbox

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